Economics of Ergonomics

“The dollars and sense of ergonomics.”


Ergo Solve analyses the ‘economics of ergonomics’ to identify the cost benefit of ergonomic risk management interventions in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia and Canada.

“It is not a matter of identifying the ergonomic intervention     that is least costly.  It is a matter of knowing which                  ergonomic intervention is going to be the most

                               cost effective.”

Why should you invest in ergonomic interventions?

The answer is two-fold – it is good for health and safety of employees while at the same time being good for the productivity of the organization.

The most valuable resource of any company is its human potential. However, many factors can conspired to undermine human potential. These factors include poor workplace design; ineffective and inefficient work methods; physically strenuous work with too few breaks; an individual’s increased susceptibility to muscle fatigue; inadequate maintenance of workplace tools and equipment; and unsuitable environmental conditions e.g. lighting and noise.

A Musculoskeletal Injury (‘MSI’) is a warning sign that there is a deficiency in one or more of the above factors. Workplace injury can result in the loss of productivity and increased indirect costs (e.g. illness and injury absences, over-time, recruitment, insurance, etc.) – effecting the ‘bottom-line’ of the business.

Now, this is where Ergo Solve can be of assistance. Ergo Solve can conduct an ergonomic risk management assessment and analyze, evaluate and identify the factors that contributed to a workplace injury and design effective strategies for injury prevention and improvement to the ‘bottom-line.’


  • Conduct a ergonomic risk management assessment to identify factor(s) that affect health and safety of its employees as well as work systems and processes.
  • Prepare a ‘cost benefit analysis’ of the proposed ergonomic intervention(s) using the direct and indirect costs.
  • Identify the ‘pay-back’ period for investing in ergonomic intervention(s).
  • Implement the ergonomic intervention.

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