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"Thank you again for submitting your workshop proposal “Office Ergonomics – Bridging the Gap between Occupational Therapy and Ergonomics”. We have reviewed the proposal and would like offer this workshop as part of the 2018-2019 CAOT Workshop offering! We would look to offer it as a 2-day workshop in Edmonton and in the Greater Toronto Area as a starting point."

Christina Lamontagne - Professional Development Manager CAOT   

"Fabulous, thanks very much for all this info. The training was excellent, and Cory and I are already implementing changes at our own workstations. The lighting alone has made a difference for me personally! I’m certain we’ll be in further communication, as we will have plenty of questions for you."

Tom Horlitz - Infrastructure Coordinator at Doctors of BC   


Some organizations prefer that their staff conduct an ergonomic screening of co-workers’ workstations while other organizations feel more comfortable with ‘lunch and learn’ sessions where staff can learn simple and effective ergonomic strategies to reduce risks over lunch-time.

Ergo Solve can teach your staff (also known as ‘train the trainers’) on how to conduct a simple yet effective preliminary or screening assessment that incorporates basic ergonomic principles.

Knowing exactly what doubts and uncertainties your staff have regarding office ergonomics is key to the office ergonomics training approach that is used.

Ergo Solve identifies this need by using an ‘Ergonomic Questionnaire’ that has been  continuously revised based on the feedback from those who have participated in past training.

The questionnaire takes a few minutes to complete and gathers information pertinent to office ergonomics training –  the type of work activities; time spent performing these activities; bodily discomfort; the workstation components that are causing most grief etc.

The findings from the ‘Ergonomic Questionnaire’ provides an organization with its current office ergonomics ‘status’ and provides the basis for office ergonomics training and future ergonomic screening and interventions to eliminate or reduce musculoskeletal risk.

Eddie’s presentations in office ergonomics training are personally engaging, thought provoking and are effective in clarifying the doubts and uncertainties that staff participants have about office ergonomics.

Let Ergo Solve be your first choice.  If you have any questions then feel free to contact Eddie.

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