Safety Risk Management

Safety Management Services in Vancouver

If you run a business, you need to stay up to date on current safety management regulations within Vancouver. While some aspects of safety management might be easier to track, others can appear intricate and complex. That’s why Ergo Solve provides safety consultants for your Vancouver or British Columbia-based business. We can help you navigate government regulations to ensure your workers and workplace remain safe.

Ergonomic Answers

In order to comply with the Workers Compensation Act of British Columbia, employers need to ensure that the health and safety of all their employees are looked after. Additionally, hazardous conditions need to be remedied and employees made aware of foreseeable hazards. At Ergo Solve, we can help you make sure this happens.

We provide a number of invaluable consulting services to help you master the safety management needs in your industry. Our ergonomic solutions will make a difference in your life and in the lives of your workers. We take into consideration all known and unknown risks and make sure nothing is overlooked or untreated with an attention to detail that is unparalleled.

Practical Solutions

We use our ergonomic expertise to assess safety risk on your worksite and then to make sure these risks are mitigated and eliminated. Our process of providing you with ergonomic solutions includes the following steps from our safety consultants:

  • Identify safety problems
  • Conduct a preliminary risk assessment
  • Develop the scope for an ergonomic risk assessment
  • Establish Occupational Health and Safety criterion
  • Consult with employees and develop a risk registry
  • Develop participatory ergonomics within the workplace

The safety consultants at Ergo Solve use state-of-the-art equipment, diagnostic tools, and techniques to accurately measure and assess each job. Combined with skills and industry experience, we can help British Columbia businesses benefit from our ergonomic specialist and risk management services.

To get in touch with the professional and qualified team at Ergo Solve, call us at 604‑612‑3650.

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