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“Every employer must ensure the health and safety of all … remedy any workplace conditions that are hazardous …. and ensure workers are made aware of all known or reasonably foreseeable hazards” – Workers Compensation Act of British Columbia.

While it may be easy for an Employer or Occupational Health and Safety Committee to solve simple ergonomic problems, it becomes increasingly difficult to solve complicated or complex ergonomic problems without the expertise of an ergonomic specialist.

Without this expertise, ‘known risks’ and ‘unknown risks’ can be overlooked in the safety risk management process to the detriment of the workplace as these risks effectively remain uncontrolled or untreated.

Ergo Solve can provide the ergonomic expertise to assess, treat and manage safety risks. Ergo Solve focuses on finding, recognizing and describing safety risk; explaining the sources, courses, nature, impact and consequences of these risks; determining the effectiveness of current controls in eliminating or reducing risk; estimating the risk; comparing this estimate to a risk criteria to determine whether the risk is tolerable or acceptable; and identifying and prioritizing controls and treatment to eliminate or reduce the safety risk.


  • Identify safety problems; identify legislative, strategic and operational criterion for ‘Occupational Health and Safety’ (‘OHS’); identify hazards, risk events and risk outcomes; assess safety culture, policy, procedures and practices for managing safety risks; analyze ‘intrinsic’ and ‘residual’ risks; identify the ‘Hierarchy of Controls’.
  • Conduct a ‘preliminary risk assessment’ of the workplace by establishing a industry-specific structure for identification of risk, and eliciting knowledge and information from the strategic, operational and project levels of the organization including the Occupational Health and Safety Committee.
  • Develop scope for an ergonomic risk assessment by establishing the legislative and strategic Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) criterion for accepting ergonomic risk, reviewing pertinent information (e.g. incident reports, workers compensation claims and industry statistics on injuries and mechanisms of injury), conducting purposeful ‘work sampling’ to identify awkward postures and high postural loading, and implementing and monitoring workplace changes.
  • In consultation with employees, develop a risk registry as a ‘living document’ to be used at the operational or project level.
  • In-services for the development of ‘participatory ergonomics’ within the workplace.

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