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Ergo Solve provides health care ergonomic strategies in injury prevention, disability management, and workplace health and safety in Vancouver and British Columbia.

‘Lean’ processes or ‘faster, better and cheaper’ ways of providing healthcare are being implemented in Vancouver and British Columbia.  This is in context to rapid advancements in technology.

An adverse effect of “faster, better, cheaper”  can be performing more work within a shorter time frame – increasing an individual’s susceptibility to muscle fatigue and Musculo-Skeletal Injury (‘MSI’).

Ergo solve has identified, analyzed and evaluated risk factors associated with work performed by various health care professionals including general and echo-cardio sonographers, laboratory technicians, X-ray technicians, EEG technicians, orthoptists and nurses – Ergo Solve having conducted numerous ergonomic assessments for the ‘Health Sciences Association of British Columbia.’

Eddie has assessed work activities for part or entire work shifts. He has measured muscle activity and fatigue of upper extremities using surface electromyography; and measured range of motion at wrist, elbow and shoulder joints using electrogoniometry – each step, action and task of a work activity recorded by video for later detailed analysis.

This has meant that ‘critical’ steps, actions and tasks could be analyzed and evaluated  to identify underlying risk factors; determine whether current controls are effective in reducing risk; and find more effective, efficient and safer ways of doing work.

Ergo Solve provides a comprehensive range of ergonomic assessment services including individual and departmental ergonomic assessments; measuring the consequences and human impact of changes to the work system and processes; ergonomic consultation for the procurement of equipment; disability management workshops and return to work plans.

Ergo Solve, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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