Ergonomic Assessments – Industrial Assessments

Regardless of the industrial setting, risk identification, analysis, evaluation, treatment, monitoring and communication are essential to eliminate and if that is not practicable minimize the risk of musculoskeletal injuries to workers.

While working at WorkSafeBC, Eddie conducted ergonomic assessments – industrial assessments of injured workers throughout British Columbia including loggers, hydro-workers, millwrights, mechanics, forklift drivers, crane operators, waste refuse workers, long haul truck drivers, roofers, heavy equipment operators etc.

Eddie designed rehabilitation programs for each of these workers within the industrial workshops at WorkSafeBC to restore functional abilities and develop work tolerances and endurances required to return to their work.

In collaboration with employers, ‘Graduated Returns to Work’ (‘GRTW’) were also designed to safely transition workers back to the physical demands of full-time work.

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