Risk Management

Risk Identification in Vancouver

Ergo Solve provides ergonomic risk management consultation in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia.

The aim of risk management is to aid in the overall decision making process. Risk management is the culture, processes and systems directed at effective, efficient and safe management of potential opportunities and adverse effects.

Risk management processes involves the systematic application and implementation of management, policy, procedure and practice directives for identifying, analyzing, evaluating, treating, monitoring and communicating risk.

Risk management services can include the following:-

  • Identify a model of risk management so everybody and all levels of your organization are ‘on the same page.’
  • Develop a ‘file structure’ in order to categorize risk.
  • Develop  a ‘risk registry’ to aid in the systematic identification, analysis, evaluation and treatment of risk.
  • Develop a ‘criteria’ for when risk needs to be treated.
  • Identify hazards, risk events and risk outcomes.
  • Analyze risk to prioritize risk in terms of consequences and likelihood; identify how intrinsically effective current controls are and how well they are working; identify intrinsic risk(s) if controls were to failure; identify residual risk(s) if controls were to work; understand what causes risk; and how best to treat this risk.
  • Evaluate whether treatment is required based on decision making criteria.
  • Treat, communicate and monitor risk as part of the Continuous Quality Improvement (‘CQI’} process.

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