Testimonials from our clients

Lyle Mills General Manager – Workplace Resources Canada:

“His hands on approach has been very effective in diagnosing some issues for a couple of our team members that were experiencing pain in our workplace. In spite of having some of the best Herman Miller ergonomic products at our disposal work habits can contribute to issues that over time may put our employees at risk. Eddie was instrumental in finding the best way to make adjustments to the workspaces that were necessary to ensure a safe working environment. With some very sophisticated equipment and videotaping the actual work habits Eddie has impressed with his approach that we have had no hesitation in recommending him to some of our most important clients.”


Euan McLean, President Quoin Project and Cost Management Ltd.:

“Eddie Everett was engaged by Quoin Projects to assist in the risk management associated with the delivery of the Athletes Village for the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia. Mr. Everett monitored the progress of work on the 1000 plus units on a weekly basis. This involved assessing the progress of the work against set milestones. During these weekly visits labour counts would be performed to ensure that productivity levels were being maintained. Mr. Everett prepared weekly reports commenting on the progress of the works as well as preparing a risk assessment of the various buildings in terms of their progress against baseline schedules and the probability of meeting the schedules deadlines.”


Sarah O’Leary – Barrister & Solicitor – Rush Crane Guenther & Associates:

“Eddie Everett combines many years as a practicing occupational therapist with a Masters degree in ergonomics. He has done many reports for us in a variety of professions and workplaces over the last decade. His vast experience combined with his ergonomics training give him a unique ability to assess and analyze risk factors in a workplace. He has assessed the jobs of many health care professionals, as well as industrial worksite studies, always providing the same level of detail and scientific analysis which make his reports reliable and accurate to an unparalleled degree. Mr. Everett has the tools to assess any job or workplace and isolate risk factors that need to be addressed. There are few people who can offer such skilled assessments.”


Kim Templeton – Office Manager – Health Sciences Association:

“Eddie has been a wealth of information regarding office ergonomics.  With his experience and education he is able to provide solid ergo assessments with sensible recommendations that fit any budget.  He also helps with contacting various vendors, trialing equipment, following up to ensure on  installation of equipment and that the staff are using the equipment properly.  Eddie has been a lifesaver to my role as Office Manager.  I would highly recommend him for any ergo inquires.”


Cori Ross – Director at Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

After experiencing months of pain in my thumb, wrist and forearms due to excessive blackberry and computer use, I was referred to Eddie.  He did a thorough assessment, including a measuring the muscle activity of my finger and thumb muscles, listened to my concerns and observed me doing my regular tasks.  He filmed me and let me see what I was doing so I could understand what I needed to correct.  He gave me some suggestions to correct my form and some exercises to try, as well as recommending equipment and redesigning my work station.  Within a week there was a noticeable difference and within a month I no longer had any pain. I would not hesitate to recommend Eddie as he is No. 1 in my book !


Lee – Accountant

“Hey Eddie!! You came in and did an assessment for me because I was having pain in my hand from mousing. Anyway, since moving out to Halifax I’ve had dozens of people blown away by the mouse I got at your recommendation. Nobody’s seen anything like it before. I explain the problem I had to them and talk a bit about the mouse. Anyway the point of my email is to let you know I’ve not had any repeat of the pain in my index knuckle joint since using the mouse you recommended.  I wanted to say thanks for all the help!  Hope all is well, keep spreading the good word for ergonomic improvements!!”


 Ergo Solve, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Telephone: 604-612-3650  Email: Send an email to Eddie


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